about me


The place for "Distinctive images of Swansea, the Gower and the surrounding area".
Hello and welcome to my site. I hope you enjoy your visit.
I am a locally based photographer, aged 60. I recently returned to photography after years of, well, just doing other things. I use a range of photographic equipment and techniques to produce the final images that you see here.

My main influences are the works of:
the French Impressionists and early work of Salvador Dali,
the record cover designs of Roger Dean,
the landscape images of Italian photographer Franco Fontana,
the work of Bill Sherman aka Coolor Foto,
the landscape paintings of Welsh artists Kyffin Williams and Glenys Cour,
and the excellent "Ephemeral Coast" by Julia Davies.

In the summer of 2014 I had my first solo exhibition at the Oriel Bach Gallery in the Mumbles followed by a joint exhibition alongside fellow artists Frank Austin, Heather Littlejohns and Dorothy Morris.
In March of 2015, I exhibited at the Oriel Bach Gallery alongside artists Anthony Kavanagh and Paddy Shanks, and photographer Delia Puzzovio.

In October 2015, a selection of my work featuring images taken using intentional camera movement and submitted under the title "Separated Sand" was selected as one of the best 40 submissions for the Epsy International Photo Award. The images were screened at the Elysium Gallery in Swansea.

Some of my work is also exhibited and can be found on-line at: